Interior design Marbella

Interior styling is creating a nice place to live and work. That depends
entirely on an appealing atmosphere and a functional interior. But how do you get
the atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and in what ways can you organise the place the best?

Therefore I will help you to make choices for the layout of the area, furniture,
colours, lighting and accessories that suit you. No standard, however, an interior with
a unique character. Tranquillity in combination with creative interior design solutions, I'm going for it!
With creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment I help you to get your perfect interior!


Interior design Marbella

Metropolitan, Scandinavian or Bohemian?

Let's find your style


Interior advice

We can help you with a complete restyling of your living or work space. This includes advice on room layout, colors, lighting, furniture, and accessories. But it is also possible that you want only one of the following topics, please contact us for a free quote or for smaller interior questions because anything is possible! 

We create a customized quote based on one of the five options below. The price depends on the number and sizes of your room. During an interview we discuss how we can help you, and what will be the final cost of the interior advice.

Some of our possibilities:

Color Plan
Advice layout
Lighting Plan
Purchasing advice

Interior design Marbella

Interior styling

Whether you have just purchased a new home, require a make-over on a property for rental or resale, need to breathe new life into your existing property or live abroad and are looking for a reliable turnkey service? We can provide you with a tailor-made service to fit all your requirements.

A small selection of what for possibilities there are:

Minor renovations & re-decoration
Kitchen & bathroom design
Complete refurbishment
Furniture packs
Turnkey service
Soft furnishings, accessories & upholstery
Decoration and finishes

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